February 13, 2023

Smt. Devki Kashinath Gaude, a lonely senior citizen 65 years old woman, from Nandan Keryem, Khandepar, realized that a Swayampurna Mitra can be a real angel to people like her. One could see her face glow as she was provided all the required assistance through Swayampoorna Mitra to get her house electrified.

Smt. Devki Kashinath Gaude, senior citizen, showed interest to go for Dev Darshan at Tirupati. She informed that she has been living alone in a house since last 40 years after the death of her husband as she does not have children. She receives financial assistance of Rs.2000 per month under Dayanand Social Security Scheme with which she makes a living.

While interacting with the Swayampurna Mitra, she informed that she resides in her house during day time and when the night falls she goes to her brother-in-law’s house as there is no electricity connection. Accordingly, Swayampurna Mitra, Shri Sudesh Gaude taken aback with her plight, took full responsibility to ensure that she sees the light of the day. He not only expedited but ensured that all the formalities were duly by sending Shri Nitesh Naik, MTS from the panchayat to fill her form for getting NOC from Panchayat to obtain electricity connection.

After receiving NOC from Panchayat and constant follow up from Swayampurna Mitra with the concerned Offices, the connection was provided to Smt. Devki Kashinath Gaude on February 7, 2023. Assistant lineman Sanjay Gaude, Rupesh Gaude and Satyawan Satarkar too offered their full support to undertake wiring of the house and facilitate her with electricity connection.

She was very delighted to see the electricity connection at her house after 40 years and the smile on her face spoke volumes.


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