Goan Literature

Goa’s literature is as fascinating as the land itself. Goa is a very small state of India, previously ruled by the Portuguese. This colony had the distinction of being the first place in Asia, to be installed with a printing press in the year 1550. The Portuguese invaders believed very much in meticulous record- keeping. After being ruled for more than two centuries, the cultures, traditions, languages have been all mixed together forming an amalgamation of the Goan society. Goa although, had its own problems like language barriers and censorship. The people had ultimately no choice, but to adapt to writing in languages that had their origins in Europe.

Since a long time Goans are known to have written in 13 languages, but English was predominant, while Portuguese, Marathi & Konkani were also used widely. Presently Goans speak and read in different languages but the most influential of them as stated is English, while Konkani is vastly spoken, it is the Official language of the state. Marathi too, is widely accepted and a followed language of Goa.

Some scholars of Goan literature have come to the conclusion that Goan writing in English dates back to the early nineteenth century. At that time, lots of migrations had been occurring for better employment opportunities in the so called British colonies.It is also evident that contributions from all over India as well European literature have been made in Portuguese writings & literature in the past so many years by people of Goa.

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