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NO: DI/INF/Scheme/Ex-Gratia- 2017 Date: September,   2017


Government of Goa is pleased to notify a scheme to provide compassionate assistance by way of Ex-Gratia financial assistance upto Rs. five lakhs to journalist and or their family member as the case may be in case of permanent disability or serious medical aliment rendering them incapable of earning a livelihood and for the family on account of death of Journalist while in service/missing.

I. Short title and commencement:

1.  The Scheme will be called as “the Goa Ex-Gratia Compassionate Assistance to the dependents of Journalist Scheme 2017”.

2.  It shall come into force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette and shall remain in force upto 31st March 2020.

3.  The object of the scheme is to assist the journalist and or his family in tiding over the emergent situation resulting from the permanent disability, serious medical aliment to the journalist or on account of death of the journalist by giving financial assistance.      

II. Definitions - In this Scheme, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(a) “Family Member” means his/her wife /husband as the case may be, minor sons, unmarried daughters, major sons who is dependent upon the journalist

(b)“Government” means the Government of Goa;

(c) “Journalist” means any journalist who is either a working    journalist as defined in the Working Journalists and other Newspaper Employees (Conditions of Service)nd Miscellaneous  Provisions Act, 1955 (45 of 1955), as amended from time to time and is a full-time Journalist and does not engage himself in any


other activity and earns his livelihood through his journalistic activities with an newspaper, news agency or news channel.

(d)“Photographer” means who is either a working photographer as defined in the Working Journalists and other Newspaper Employees  (Conditions of Service) and  Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1955 (45 of 1955), as amended from time to time and is a full-time photographer and does not engage himself in any other activity and earns his livelihood through his photographic activities with an newspaper or news agency or news channel and so approved by the screening committee under this Scheme;

(e) “Media organization” means any print or electronic media organization, which disseminates 100% news on daily basis as well as print publications like weekly, monthly or other periodicity, printed and published from the State in case of print media and disseminate from the State in case of Electronic Media.

Words and phrases used in this Scheme but not defined shall have the same meaning as assigned to them in the Goa State Media Representatives Accreditation Rules, 2012

III. Scope of the Scheme-

The Department of Information and Publicity shall disburse the relief on receipt of application from the journalists and/or his dependent family member under this scheme.

IV. Eligibility:

For being eligible under this scheme, the journalist:

a)   Shall be based in Goa with a continuous residence of not less  than 15 years and a certificate issued by Mamlatdar of the Taluka to that effect should be produced.

b)  He must be working for a Media Organization as defined under the Scheme.

V. Procedure to file the application under the scheme:


The applicant or his family members, as the case may be  who is eligible under this scheme shall file an application indicating all the requisite details alongwith the required documents addressed to the Director, Department of Information and Publicity, 3rd floor, Udyog Bhavan, Panaji Goa.



VI. Sanctioned and Disbursement Procedure:


There shall be a Scrutiny Committee for scrutinizing the application received under the scheme and to recommend the disbursement of the ex gratia relief to journalists/ family under the Chairmanship of the Joint Director of Information and Publicity and consisting of President, (Goa Union of Journalists ‘GUJ’, President), an eminent personality from the field of Journalism and Under Secretary (Finance Expenditure) as members. The applicants must satisfy the Committee that they fulfill the eligibility criteria of the Scheme and for this purpose, the Committee may direct the applicant to produce additional documents in support of the application if required or desired. This Committee shall decide the applications under the Schemes and recommended to the State Government accordingly.


VIII. Quantum of Ex-gratia compensation:

The grant of ex-gratia relief on account of death/injury caused to human life during the coverage/ on field with the following descriptions:

Sr. No

Category of cases

Rate of ex-gratia relief


Death of Journalist

Rs 5,00,000/-to the family


Permanent disability rendering the journalist incapable of earning a livelihood  (handicapness of 40% or more)

Rs 5,00,000/- to the journalist


Grievous injury

(an injury which may not result in permanent disability but requires hospitalization for more than one month for recovering from the injury

Rs 2,00,000/- to the journalist or his/her family


Major medical Ailments

Up to Rs.2 lakhs to the journalist or family. This would be subject to the medical expenditure not being covered under  DDSSY of the State Government or any other insurance/ Health schemes, etc.


Minor Injury

(an injury which is of First Aid or minor in nature or which does not require hospitalization for duration more than 3 days

Actual cost of treatment or upto Rs.50,000/-whichever is lower. to the journalist or his/her family


The grant of compensation as referred above shall be subject to the following conditions:

i)            Production of post-mortem report in case of death; certificate in case of grievous injury, partial and permanent disability and prescription slip as well as verification of actual cost of medical treatment in case of simple injury or major medical ailments from the concerned Medical Officer/Health Officer/Hospital.

ii)          Requisite documents shall be submitted along with the application like Resident Certificate of the Journalist issued by the Mamlatdar, certificate issued by the Editor of the Media organisation Stating that the concerned Journalist is employee of the concerned media organisation etc.

iii)        Copy of First Information Report (FIR) of incident from Police Department, wherever required.

iv)         Photographs of killed /injured person(s) duly attested by the Police/ Medical Officers or Health Officer as the case may be.

v)           The claims/ recommendation found genuine during scrutiny shall be finally approved by the Director Information and Publicity and thereafter to be recommended to the State Government for sanction.

vi)         The Department  may release up-to 20% of the amount of relief prescribed for human loss/ permanent and partial disability/ grievous injury/ major ailment  on receipt of reports as interim relief immediately to the family of the deceased/ injured/Sick journalist after due verification in anticipation of formal sanction without delay. The balance amount will be released after receipt of the complete relief claim.

vii)       This ex-gratia compensation shall be applicable only in respect of death/ injuries / Major ailment occurred on or after the notification of scheme in the Official Gazette.

VIII. Exception:

Notwithstanding anything contained in this Scheme, the scrutiny committee if it feels necessary in very  special/exceptional cases may recommend higher level of assistance  or suggest any deviation of the guidelines or special assistance for approval of the State Government.       

IX. The expenditure on this account shall be debited to the following budget head:


Demand No: 56

Major head:

2220- Information and Publicity

60- other

103- Press Information Services

03- Financial Assistance in Indigent (Plan)

50- Other Charges


X. Relaxation:

The Director, Department of Information and Publicity may relax any provision of this scheme after taking Government approval if need arises.



XI. General :

Grant of financial assistance under this Scheme to any working Journalist is not a matter of right. Assistance would be extended depending on the committee’s satisfaction regarding the eligibility/merits of the cases and approval of the State Government and the financial resources available for the purpose. The State Government reserves the right to reject or accept any application/claim without assigning any reasons thereof.         

12. Interpretation:

If any question arise as to the interpretation of any of the provisions of this scheme or if there is dispute relating to fulfilment of conditions, then the decision of the Director, Department of Information and Publicity therein shall be final and binding on all.

        This issue with the concurrence of the Finance (Expenditure) Department vide their U.O.No.1697 dated 02/08/2017





Director, Information and Publicity


Ex-Officio Joint. Secretary to the Government.