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CIC TENDOLKAR ATTENDS 13TH ANNUAL RTI CONVENTION   Panaji, December 24, 2018   Pausa 3, 1940 The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated the 13th Annual RTI Convention of the Central Information Commission recently. Shri Prashant S. P Tendolkar, Chief Information Commissioner attended the same and presented a power point presentation. In his presentation, Shri. Tendolkar said that considering experience of implementation of RTI Act for past over one decade the amendment to the RTI Act is the need of the day for effective implementation of the act. He stressed upon provisions which require amendment. He said, “Preservation of public records must be made robust and information should not be denied on mere non availability of record. He also emphasized on digitization of records for better administration of RTI Act,” Shri. Tendolkar said. He further stated that the implementation of section 4(1) (a) of the act on time bound bases can resolve the ineffectiveness of the act due to non availability of records. Considering the issue of misuse of RTI Act he suggested amendment of Section 7 to enable PIO to filter out frivolous applications. He suggested amendments to bring the FAA within the penal jurisdiction of the Central and State Information Commissions and also to activate its role in curbing the rejection due to non availability of files. DI/NB/GPP/PN/JS/AN/2018/ 1166