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GOVERNOR EXTENDS CHRISTMAS GREETINGS     Panaji, December 24, 2018   Pausa 3, 1940 Governor of Goa Dr. (Smt.) Mridula Sinha has conveyed her heartiest greetings and best wishes to the people of Goa on the occasion of Christmas. In her message, the Governor says, “Every year this sacred day is observed with religious zeal, in great merriment, and with sincere prayers all over the world. On this auspicious day, we celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus, who gave us the valuable and eternal message of peace, tolerance, compassion, love and sacrifice. It is an appropriate occasion for us to carry the spirit of Christmas to foster the values that Jesus Christ professed and practiced for the benefit of humanity.” The Governor further states, “This is an occasion for people to meet their loved ones, leave behind their worries and come together for merry-making. Ours is a secular country, where people belonging to various faiths live in harmony, amity, social solidarity and unity. Religious and spiritual festivals are occasions when we renew these qualities, in order to lead a peaceful and wholesome life. On the eve of Christmas, let us rededicate ourselves to live together as member of one family and work for greater glory and progress of the nation,” the Governor concludes.   DI/NB/GPP/PN/JS/AN/2018/1161