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PERSON WITH KNOWLEDGE CAN\'T BE DEFEATED: GAUDE Panaji: November 26, 2018                                                                                                     Agrahayana 4, 1940 Minister for Art & Culture, Tribal Welfare and Civil Supplies & Price Control Shri Govind Gaude asserting that one needs to acquire knowledge said no one can buy knowledge from the market. One has to acquire or earn it through hard work, guidance etc. A person who acquires knowledge cannot be defeated easily, he added. Shri Gaude was speaking as a chief guest on the occasion of 1stAdivasi Vidhyarthi Sammelan 2018 on November 25, 2018 at Government College, Quepem organised by Directorate of Tribal Welfare, Panaji in association with United Tribal Association Alliance (UTAA), Dayanand Bandodkar High School Gokulde, Adarsh Krishi Sahakari Kharedi Vikri Prakriya Saunstha Maryadit, Ball and Kalyan Ashram, Goa.  Speaking further Shri Gaude said the finest, the heaviest, the darkest and the fastest objects in this universe are the knowledge, sin, kohl (Kajal) and anger respectively. He called upon the gathering to take guidance from the top officials of the government and Private Sector who have reached great heights with their knowledge.  He maintained that this type of programmes help  acquire better knowledge. One who have control on anger and the one who respects others wholeheartedly gets respected in the society through his or her acts and gain knowledge he added. The other dignitaries present on the stage were ST/SC Corporation Commissioner, Shri Prakash Velip, Head Master of Bandodkar High School, Shri Govind Velip, Representative of Kalyan Ashram, Goa Shri Diwakar Velip, Member of Adarsh Krishi Sahakari Kharedi Vikri Prakriya Saunstha Maryadit, Shri Satish Velip, UTAA working president, Shri Namdev Fatarpekar, Chairman of ST Corporation Shri Durgadas Gawde. Addressing the large gathering of student, Shri Gaude exhorted them to remember the great community leaders Late Shri Manguesh Gaonkar and Late Shri Dilip  Velip who supremely scarified their life  fighting for constitutional rights and fundamental benefits of the tribal community for the benefit of the larger section of the society. He appealed to all the Adivasi students to acquire knowledge and compete with cross sections of the society on merit basis, not relying on reservation. The programme was divided into four sessions in which four different personalities were called to give talk on different subjects to students for guidance and knowledge. CEO ACADEMIA, Mumbai Shri Nilesh Sarawate spoke on “Carrier Guidance & Job Opportunities”; Social Worker, Baripada, Maharastra, Shri Chaitram Pawar spoke on “Gram Vikas and Youth”; Kiran Ballikar, M.D. EDC, Goa on “Thinking Business” and M.D.DCS Techno Service Ltd Shri Dinar Bhatkar gave talk on Opportunities before youth”.       Shri Praksh Velip speaking on the occasion informed that this programme is organised as a part of prerana din which is observed every year on May 25 in memory of late Manguesh Gaonkar and Deelip Velip, who laid down their life for fulfilling the demands of Scheduled Tribe people in the State. He also appreciated all his team members who supported to make the programme successful. Shri Govind Velip, Shri Diwakar Velip, Shri Satish Velip, Shri Namdev Fatarpekar and Shri Durgadas Gawde also spoke on the occasion. Earlier Shri Vinancio Furtado, Director of Tribal Welfare delivered the welcome address and also explained in brief the various schemes implemented by Tribal Welfare Department. Dr. Uday Gaonkar, Dy. Director of Education compered the function whereas  Shri Deepesh Priolkar, Dy. Director Tribal Welfare Department proposed the vote of thanks.  DI/NB/GPP/JA/GG/1041