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GOVERNOR EXTENDS GREETINGS ON BIRTH ANNIVERSARY OF GURU NANAK DEV JI Panaji: November 22, 2018                                                                         Agrahayana 1, 1940 The Governor of Goa Dr. Smt. Mridula Sinha has extended greetings and best wishes to the people  of Goa, specially Sikh community brothers and sisters in particular on the auspicious occasion  of Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. In her message, the Governor has said that, Guru Nanak Jayanti ranks among the popular festival in India. It is celebrated to mark the birth of Guru Nanak Sahib and is celebrated with great zeal among the Sikh community across the country. Guru Nanak Dev ji, who was a great seer, Saint and mystic, gave the world deep knowledge of spirituality, morality, humanity, devotion and truth, hence this day is also called “Prakash Utsav”. This day is also celebrated as the day to remember and follow his teaching and overcome the five vices-lust, greed, attachment, anger and pride and devote one’s life in the selfless service of God. He was deeply concerned about peaceful co-existence and brotherhood among the people of all faiths and underlined the importance and need for a secular outlook among them. Let us remember and try to put to practice in our day-to-day life the valuable teachings and message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, which will enable us to live in peace and harmony the Governor concludes.  DI/NB/GPP/JA/JS/AN/2018/1024