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INTER SECTORAL COORDINATION IN PREVENTION OF VECTOR BORNE DISEASES STRESSED AT STF MEET                                                                                                               Panaji, November 11, 2018             The State Task Force Committee for Vector Borne Diseases held a meeting chaired by Secretary (Health), Shri J. Ashok Kumar, recently which was attended by various stake holders.              Some of the matters discussed included prevention of vector borne diseases in Goa. Shri Kumar stressed on the importance of inter sectoral coordination in the prevention and control of Vector Borne Diseases. Panchayats and Municipalities and Government Departments were directed to mark the copy of the NOC for any construction license issued by them to the peripheral health centers.             It was informed at the meet that an amendment making it mandatory migrant labourers working at different establishments to have health cards is pending with the Law Department. Presently, health cards are mandatory for workers at the construction sites only.             It was also suggested to carry out source reduction and Vector Control activities at the Village Panchayat level. It was decided to have various innovative, Information, Education, and Communication activities for the purpose of creating awareness. Bulk SMSs , along with the details of the reporting authority and contact, to be sent at periodic intervals during May to October, to the public requesting them to report any suspected cases of Vector Borne disease was one of the several suggestions discussed.             Educating and generating awareness among the school children was found to be helpful in source reduction of vector borne diseases and it was decided to accordingly design Information, Education, and Communication material especially for school children. It was also decided to carry out awareness drives in schools during the period of May to October and it was suggested to take on board NGOs, Self-Help Groups, NSS, NCC, Youth Clubs at local level for the purpose. DI/NB/GPP/JA/CR/2018/989