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DISTRIBUTION OF RATION QUOTA      Panaji: November 8, 2018                                                                      Kartika 17, 1940            The Department of Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs has directed the ration card holders that hence forth from the month of December, 2018 the fair price shops will remain open fro distribution of ration quota from 1st to 21st of every month exclusive weekly holidays in a week. The ration cardholders will not be supplied ration by the fair price shops after 21st of the month  that is from 22ns to 30th/31st of the month. They are therefore directed to lift their legitimate ration quota for the particular month in that month itself, by 21st of every month.             Complaints if any may be given to the Inspector in-charge of Civil Supplies at Taluka or to the Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs.   DI/NB/GP/JA/NP/AN/2018/967