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                                                                                                                                                               Panaji: October 23, 2018


The meeting of Goa State Rabies Control Programme Stakeholders was held at Patto in the city yesterday. The meeting was chaired by CEO, Mission Rabies & WVS Dr. Luke Gamble.  The objective of the meeting was to discuss about the elimination of the menace of rabies from the State.  The various stakeholders from Government, NGOs and International organizations attended the meeting.

Dr. Gamble talking about the beginning of their journey in India, where a third of the global human Rabies deaths occur, we ran a 14-city canine vaccination campaign. With our mighty Mission Rabies Truck leading the way, where we smashed our target of 50,000 dogs in just 25 days, finishing with a grand total of over 61,000 dogs vaccinated against Rabies.

Dr. Gamble further speaking said that 4 years on and we are working in 5 different countries, with volunteers from across the world, getting to the heart of rabies-stricken districts and combating this disease with the combination of vaccination, education, technology, research and lots of hard work. He further opined that since Goa is small in size will not take much time to make it free from rabies if efforts are put together properly.

The Director of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services Dr. Santosh Desai in his welcome address expressed his happiness over working with Mission Rabies. The mission rabies he said has shown stark improvement in the progress of rabies elimination in the past 3 years. Under this programme he said 300000 lac dogs have been vaccinated and here after  looking for establishing an effective surveillance system including lab testing and would also  work  towards new vaccination methods like oral bait vaccine.


Dr. Desai further speaking said the purpose of the meeting is to get an all-round perspective of rabies control from different facets of the Government of the State and country and further improve our efforts and model the best approach to rabies control in India he added.


The participants of the meeting discussed on Goa project: Vaccination, Education and surveillance and arrived at the conclusion rabies is a Government of Goa Priority, Free from human-dog mediated rabies by 2020,Free from dog rabies deaths by 2023, Rabies free declaration by 2025 and push for responsible pet ownership etc.

Technical Officer PCB, Dr. Gyanendra Gongal, Associate Professor NIMH Neurosciences Bangalore, Dr. Reeta Mani, Consultant Veterinary, Dr.Chandrashekhar Sahukar, Associate Professor Dept. Veterinary Microbiology Bangalore Dr. Shrikrishna Isloor, State Nodal Officer NRCP Directorate of Health Services, Director ICAR Dr. E.B.Chakukar, CEO Dogs Trust,Mr. Adrien Burder  Prof. Richard Mellanby, University of EdinbergTrustee,WVS and his team  attended the meeting.

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