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                              Panaji: April 6, 2018

                                                                                                         Chaitra 16, 1940

          Special drives against drunken driving are being conducted at various locations throughout the State of Goa to curtail the menace of Drunken Driving and other traffic violations and prevent Motor Vehicle (M.V). accidents and fatalities.

           The Inspector General of Police has issued orders to conduct joint special drives at various main junctions in the State. The main objective is to check  M.V violations and other offences related to crime as a number of fatal accidents have taken place in which local and foreigners have lost their precious lives. 

          One such special drive was undertaken jointly by Traffic Police and District Police of both the districts with the assistance of IRBn on April 3, 2018 at Siolim Bridge and Old Market Circle Margao, wherein a number of motorists were booked for driving under the influence of alcohol. Apart from issuing M.V. Challan, and the driving licence of these violators were confiscated and forwarded to concerned ADT for suspension as per the directions of the Supreme Court of India Committee on Road Safety.

          The department has plans to conduct several such joint special drives on regular basis. All the citizens particularly the young people are requested to drive/ride safely and responsibly.