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Panaji, September 4, 2018

            A meeting was convened by the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, today in Panaji to gather valuable inputs from the institutions dedicated to the cause of the Persons with Disabilities. The theme of Election Commission of India for the ensuing Parliament 2019 elections is 'Accessible Elections'. Chief Electoral Officer, Shri Kunal, IAS, said that The Election Commission of India is committed for inclusion of all categories of voters in the electoral process to achieve the desired objective of universal adult suffrage as per its constitutional mandate.

            Representatives from various institutions working for the cause of People with Disabilities voiced their opinions on issues such as Enrolment of Persons with Disabilities in Electoral rolls, Preparation of Voter's Guide in medium of Persons with Disabilities, Identification of Resource Persons for creation of Voter Education materials and deliberation over strategic framework of Election Commission of India on Accessible Election and roadmap to achieve it in Goa.

            Shri. Kunal further spoke of their aim to make the elections Inclusive and ethical, so that voters are informed about electoral decision and not one made based on inducement or fear.

            The Additional Chief Electoral Officer, Shri Narayan Navti, said that they are working to provide equal opportunities to everyone in the electoral process. He highlighted the importance of effective partnership with institutions working with People with Disabilities and the creation of facilities to cater to the specific needs of the differently - abled Persons with a view to increasing their participation in the electoral process.