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Panaji, August  13, 2018

                                     Sravana 22, 1940

            Dengue fever is an acute febrile viral disease. Any person presenting with fever due to various causes like Malaria which has a specific treatment are ruled out by the treating physician. In the absence of any specific treatment for Dengue the physician considers the condition of the patient in totality and decides about the management of an Individual patient.

National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, Directorate of Health Services, Panaji has brought to the notice of the Public that the facilities of laboratory diagnosis of dengue fever are available at District Hospitals in North and South Goa and Goa Medical College, Bambolim. The blood samples are collected at all the Urban Health Centres/ Community Health Centres/ Primary Health Centres.

On the recommendation of the treating physician the blood sample of the patient of suspected  dengue fever is collected at the local health facility and sent to one the nearest Sentinel site Hospital ( i.e District Hospital North  and Hospicio Hospital Margao and Goa Medical College Bambolim ) for the appropriate confirmatory test as recommended by National vector Borne Disease Control  Programme ,Government of India.

            Any person suffering from acute febrile illness suspected of Dengue fever may visit the nearest (blood collection centres) Health centre to avail the facility of the laboratory diagnosis of Dengue.

However a number of Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) which are commercially available are not recommended by the National Vector Borne Control Programme, Government of India(NVBDCP, GOI) as the same are not validated by the programme.