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Panaji, August  3, 2018

                                    Sravana 12, 1940

          The report on the important events of the Department of Cooperation for the month of June, 2018 is as follows : There were 4 changes in Coop. Laws, Rules and Model Bye-laws. The number of cases engaged in public distribution in rural and urban areas were nil. The Total amount of loan advanced by Goa State Co.op Housing Finance and Federation was nil. The Loans and Advances by Goa State Co.op  Bank Ltd; Panaji was 2136.39 lakhs.


67 Coop. Societies were audited during June,  2018. 65 members have been enrolled during the month of June, 2018. The amount of loan recovered by the Coop. Bank and other institutions was Rs. 177.73 lakhs and the amount of loan recovered by the Goa State Housing Finance and Federation Ltd. was Rs. 47.80 lakhs.


          During the month of June, 2018, 16,89,938.0 liters of milk from local and 3,41,600.0 litres of milk from outside State has been procured by Goa  State Coop. Milk Producer’s Union Ltd., Curti, Ponda.


          A total of 8 Societies were registered during the month of June, 2018.