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                                                                                      Panaji, June 12, 2018

                                                                                      Jyaistha 22, 1940

        The Goa Labour Welfare Board to extend  Assistance/ Benefits to the eligible Industrial Workers in the state have introduced schemes for the year 2018-19.


          Only those workers who have put more than Six months of continuous service are eligible to claim the benefit. The schemes are Grant of Financial Assistance for purchase of text book/note books to school going children of industrial Workers/ Employees, Award of scholarship to school or college going children of Workers/ Employees studying in 1st to 4th standards for supply of one set of uniform and  Award of Scholarship to school or college going children of Workers/Employees in various establishment. The last date to apply for these schemes is September 30, 2018.


          Schemes for supply of T.V. Sets to industrial Establishments/ Labour Welfare Centres /Clubs/Recreation Rooms and  Scheme for grant of Assistance to the Industrial workers /Employee for purchase of Spectacles.  No time limit is specified to apply for these schemes.  


          Child care benefits for female industrial Workers can be availed from 6 months from the date of delivery.


          No time limit specified to  apply for Scheme for organising Sports Games Social And Cultural Activities for industrial Workers/Employees, Scheme for excursion – Cum - Study Tours for the Workers/Employees, Crèches – Scheme for the benefits of children of Industrial Workers/ Employees. Schemes for treatment of Mentally Challenged And spastic Children Of Industrial Workers.


           The board has also implemented scheme For Grant –In-Aid to libraries From Goa Labour. Schemes to pay incentive to the wards of workers on the basis of percentage of marks obtained by them passing final examination conducted by the Board/University from class X onwards.


          Schemes for payment of extra monetary compensation  for sterilization to employees can be availed within one year from the date of operation.


           Scheme to provide Incentive/financial Assistance on the basis of attendance in School/Colleges etc. to the female students studying in class V and onwards in any field of education being daughter of Workers/Employees. The last date to apply for this scheme is September  30, 2018.


          Scheme for the benefits of children of Industrial workers/Employees {Labour Welfare Centres} Retrenched Workers Assistance Scheme can be availed within one year from the date of Retrenchment or within 6 months from the date of settlement.


          Scheme to Grant Financial Assistance to the laid off workers and Stri sakhi scheme  (Supply of sanitary napkin vending machine and Incinerator.) is also available.    


          Those Industrial Workers/ Employees who are desirous of availing the benefits of the above scheme may apply through their employers to the office of the Secretary, Goa Labour Welfare Board, Sharma Shakti Bhavan, 4th floor, Patto - Plaza, Panaji – Goa.


DI/NB/TSS/JA/SF/AN/2018/ 316