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                                                                                      Panaji, June 12, 2018

                                                                                      Jyaistha 22, 1940

          The Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programmee (PMEGP) implemented by the Goa Khadi and Village Industries Board has been revised for implementation during 2018-19.

          The PMEGP will provide subsidy to the transport sector for tourism related activities at the rate 15% to 35 % depending upon the category of the borrower and the location of the unit, subject to the employment criterion of the scheme. The restaurants/ food stalls serving veg/non – veg items have also been covered in the scheme.

          The PMEGP has now been applicable for up-gradation of the successful PMEGP units and units ‘Mudra Yojana’. The up-gradation up to Rs. 1.00 core for manufacturing sector and up to Rs. 25 lakhs for serving sector will be considered with the subsidy amount of 15%. The proposals for up-gradation will be considered on receipt of details operational guidelines from the Government of India.

          The prospective beneficiaries desirous of setting up the units under PMEGP may contact the office of the Goa Khadi and V.I Board, 2nd Floor, 2nd lift Junta House, Panaji for further details.  

DI/NB/TSS/JA/SF/AN/2018/ 315