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Panaji: November 28, 2019

                                             Agrahayana 7, 1941


The  Department of Art and Culture has announced the name of recipients of  ‘Yuva Srujan Puraskar’ (Navasarjan –Chetna Puraskar) given to young talents from Goa upto the age of 40 who excel and give extraordinary contribution in the  field of Art and Culture.


      This year total 13 youth are selected for the award.  The awardees will be honored with a memento, certificate of appreciation and a financial purse to the extent of   Rs. 25,000/- per awardee.


      The following young artists will be presented the Yuva Srujan Puraskar (Navsarjan Chetana Puraskar) for the year 2019-20:- Ms. Sampada Kunkolienkar and Ms. Prashanti Haresh Mangaonkar in Literature, Ms. Samradni Shelar-Aeer in Music, Shri Elvis Mascarenhas        inWestern Music, Ms Siddhi Upadhye, Shri Gangaram (Satish) R. Narvekar, Ms. Reshma Sandeep Naik in Drama, Shri Praveen Gajanan Naik in Painting, Shri Avinash Babuso Gaude, Shri Hariprasad Bhadu Sawant and Shri Gauresh Subhash Gaude in Folk Art, Ms. Antonet De Souza and Shri  Ivy Pereira in Tiatr.


      ‘Yuva Srujan Puraskar’ (Navasarjan –Chetna Puraskar) will be presented to the awardees at a special function to be organized by the department. The date of the function will be declared by the department shortly.