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                                                                                   Panaji: Nov.27, 2019


Programmes on Constitution Day needs to be organized at college level enlighten and educate student community  about their fundamental rights and duties stated Chief Minister, Dr. Pramod Sawant.


The Chief Minister was speaking at a function organized to commemorate Constitution Day by Goa Legislature Secretariat at Secretariat yesterday.


The Chief Minister said that our constitution provides a comprehensive framework to guide and govern the country establishing it as Sovereign Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic assuring its citizen justice, equality, liberty, equal status and opportunity etc. He said, our constitution is the longest written document in the world providing a comprehensive and dynamic framework to guide. Constitution grants its citizen the rights and duties while also endeavours certain responsibilities to discharge towards our nation he added.   


The Speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly, Shri Rajesh Patnekar while addressing said that the Constitution Day is celebrated to  honour the father of Indian Constitution Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. He said, our constitution has been drafted with considerable application of mind, research and analysis keeping in view its unique social, cultural and religious diversity.   The constitution has been drafted with the vision of evolution of the society and lays down the basic structure of governance. The document of constitution describes fundamental rights and duties of citizens of our country so that we could flourish and further develop our nation to reach to greater heights.  Our constitution is comprehensive in respect of its provisions and requirements of our nation he said.   


Advocate General Shri Devidas Panagam while delivering his lecture on ‘Fundamental Duties enshrined in the Constitution’ said that our constitution  provides for its citizen fundamental rights besides laying down the duties in the constitution. Our rights are coupled with the duties which cannot be separated. When we enjoy our rights we are bound by duties along with it.  In other words when we demand for   our rights, we should know that we derive civic responsibilities as our fundamental duties. In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi he said ‘A true source of right is duty’ If we fail to discharge our duties in our day to day life we don’t have right to claim our rights. The pre condition of enjoying ones rights cannot do away his duties, he remarked and also explained all the fundamental duties in detail.   

The Deputy Chief Minister in his address said that constitution is the supreme law of the nation and uphold the sanctity of the constitution. Our constitution grants equal rights to all citizens irrespective of any differences like caste, creed, religion etc. We are enjoying in this democratic setup only because of our constitution. As we celebrate the constitution day, we need to introspect when we fight for rights, we must know that our rights are coupled with duties to discharge towards our nation and fellow countrymen, he added.    


Power Minister, Shri Nilesh Cabral; PWD Minister, Shri Dipak Pauskar; Water Resource Minister, Shri Filipe Nery Rodrigues; MLAs Smt. Alina Saldanha, Shri Glen Ticlo, Shri Joshua D’Souza, Shri Reginald Lourenco, Shri Churchil Alemao,  Executive Members of Legislature, and others attended the function.

Smt. Namrata Ulman compered the function. Shri Victor Gonsalves proposed the vote of thanks.