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Panaji, October 18, 2019

    Asvina 26, 1941  


 The  Government  has  declared that  no liquor shall be transported  from  one place to another within the jurisdiction  of Bicholim taluka -Village Panchayat Latambarcem-Ward Dodamarg-I, Kharpal-II, V.P Sal - Ward Kholpem-VII, Khorgirem-VI, Pernem taluka - V.P Kerim - ward Tirakol-I, V.P Torsem ward Patradevi-I, V.P Ibrampur-Ward - Hankanem I and II Hadus-III,  V.P Paliem - Ward Kiranpani-IV, Sattari taluka, V.P Kerim Ward Shirolim-III and Ravan Colony-II, V.P Poriem - Ward Ranewaddo-I and Gurawaddo-I, V.P Maulinguem (North) Ward Maulinguem-III and V.P Curchirem Ward Curchirem-VI. 

Three quart bottles of Indian made foreign liquor or foreign liquor other than beer and six bottles of beer for any person including his family and three quart bottles of country liquor for any person including his family can be possessed by any  person  within  the said areas without a permit issued in accordance  with the provisions of the Act and the  rule during the period from 6.00 p.m of October 19, 2019 to midnight October 21, 2019 in view of  General Election to Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, 2019 and on October 24, 2019 from 00.00hrs to 12.00 Midnight in view of counting of votes.