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Panaji, September 19, 2019

Captain of Ports Department has declared that Aguada Bar is open for all water-borne traffic. It is also notified that the Lighthouses of Campal, Tejo Front, Tejo Rear, Reis Magos, Penha de Franca, and Aguapa Beacon has been starteded functioning  with usual Characteristics.


The Old Aguada Lighthouse located inside the Fort exhibits a fixed white light on the outer wall of the Old Aguada Light house structure visible over an area of 153° (Degrees) equidisposed on, either side of the line traversing the Old Aguada Lighthouse structure and the Aguada Beacon at the foot of the hill. Mariners are particularly warned to keep well to the seaward of such line giving wide berth to the shoals of outer patches, Amee shoals and Sunchi Reefs. 


 Mariners should particularly be aware that the line traversing the new Aguada Lighthouse and the Aguada Beacon is not repeat not a clearing line for the above mentioned shoals and under no circumstances should Mariners navigate along such line. Navigation through the Cumbarjua Canal under the Banastarim Bridge is totally banned with prior permission of the Captain of Ports, Panaji. Vessels proceeding to seaward should keep the Reis Sand Black and Yellow Buoy their port side and vessels entering Panaji Port should keep Buoy to their starboard side by keeping safe distance from the Buoy.


Captain has further informed that the navigation under the Mandovi Bridges and the Zuari Bridges  will be permitted following instructions/directives such as.  

All Outbound vessels should navigate the area with minimum speed Passing through spans comprising of Piers P13 & P14 of New Mandovi Bridge and Piers P 8 and P9 of Old Mandovi Bridge. These Piers are mounted with sign boards with RED square on white background and GREEN Triangle on white background respectively. All inbound vessels should navigate the area with minimum speed passing through spans comprising of Piers P7 & P8 of Old Mandovi Bridge and Piers P 12 & P13 of New Mandovi Bridge. A lookout man should be placed on the bow of the vessel from Campal Lighthouse to Britona and vice versa, day and night keep a sharp watch for ferry boats buoys, vessel etc. Vessels navigating near or between the bridge piers should go at minimum speed and should Stop in half its length. Do not Attempt to navigate under the bridge if conditions are not favourable or conducive for safe navigation. Owners are to take absolute  caution to ensure that the vessels are Sea worthy in every respect viz engines, steering and manning. They are to ensure that Masters with disabilities, bad eye sight, drunkedness or any deficiency that may hamper their reflexes or efficiencing competency shoud not be put on duty while navigating. 

Vessels navigating during spring title should be extra cautious due to strong tidal effect cross currents which could drift the vessels on the Bridge piers, etc. Crossing or overtaking of vessels in the vicinity of bridges in the rivers 500 metres on either side of tie bridge is strictly prohibited. All vessels plying through the New Konkan Railway Bridge at Daujim, across River Mandovi are required to navigate under the span with utmost caution. The horizontal clearance is 124.2 metres. And the vertical clearance is 12.9 meters.