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    Panaji, September 17, 2019

                                          Bhadra 26, 1941

A comprehensive Coastal excercise is being conducted under the aegis of Government of Goa since 2009.  The Sagar Kavach (GA-KT) -02/19 is scheduled on September 18 and 19.

The objective of this exercise is to provide seamless seaward cover along the Goa Coast jointly by all security agencies from coastal belt area line to the limit of territorial water i.e 12 nautical miles. The exercise will also assess the effectiveness of coastal fishing community in serving as ‘Eye and Ears’ for early warning of seaward threat.

The Coastal Security exercise is conducted and coordinated by Indian Coast Guard, District Headquarter at Goa and it is being supervised by the Chief Secretary Various agencies like Indian Coast Guard, Indian Navy, Goa Police, Goa Coastal Security Intelligence Agencies, MPT, Captain of Ports Department, CISF and Customs and State Government Departments will take active part in the exercise.

Intelligence and infiltration will be induced in the exercise and the alertness and preparedness of the stakeholder including people of Goa will be tested. This exercise provides the stakeholders and opportunity to fine tune standard operating procedure and test new operation concepts for coastal security.