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SHRI.SALGAONKAR COMMENCES WORK OF ROAD HOT MIXING AT REIS MAGOS                                                                            

                                                                                      Panaji: April 23, 2018                                                                                          Vaisakha 3, 1940 

          Minister for Housing Shri. Jayesh Salgaonkar today commenced the hot mix carpeting work of 2.5Km stretch road of Vidya Enclave Colony at Reis Magos and also unveiled the Logo of Vidya Enclave Resident Association (VERA) on the occasion.

          Minister informed that, estimated cost of hot mixing of 2.5 Km Stretch Road is approximately Rs.72 lakhs and this particular project was pending for almost ten years. `due to the initiative and continuous follow up by residents of Vidya Enclave especially efforts taken by president of VERA Shri.Yetindra Maralkar this work could get expedited``, Minister said.

          He further mentioned that, open space area park will constructed in due course of time and will handed over to VERA resident for the use of senior citizens and children. ``This  work started immediately after  the erection of electricity poles and LED street lighting of the entire colony which was also pending for  substantial time, Minister added.