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                                                                                                                    Panaji: April 20, 2018                                                                                                                                 Chaitra 30, 1940      

            Directorate of Mines and Geology  has invited applications from Mining affected people to avail benefits in respect to the  Goa District Mineral Foundation (DMF). DMF  has been established for both districts in the State of Goato work for the interest and benefit of people, and areas affected by mining.

       The total sum of Rs. 180.338 Crores have been collected from both the districts, out of which Rs. 93.848 Cr. are from North Goa and  Rs. 86. 490 Cr. from South Goa District.

            The District Mineral Foundation willwork for the interest and benefits of person, and areas affected by mining related operations and in particular areas, such as restoring the ecology damaged by mining or other activity, including tree plantation in affected areas, providing health facilities, education, etc., building road/bridge network; desilting of water bodies including dams, rivers, etc., installing pollution control devices, sewage treatment plants, etc., providing required assistance in agriculture, horticulture, dairy farming, animal husbandry, etc., providing alternate employment for the affected persons,  compensating the affected persons and their families through a scheme approved by the Government.

            DMF also works for providing compensation due to loss of life or property due to attacks from wildlife or other natural disasters, afforestation and soil conservation measures in the mining impact zone, soil rejuvenation of agriculture land and fodder development, providing veterinary clinics and storm water drainage in mining impact zone,  upliftment of the affected persons, safeguarding the mining affected persons from environmental  hazards, ensuring that environmental impact from mining is kept at the necessary minimal, restoring the affected areas from any environmental degradation caused by mining operations, implementing the objectives specified in pradhanmantri Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana which are not specifically enlisted herein, construction a dedicated mining corridor in the respective districts of Goa.

            DMF also provide the required physical infrastructure for affected area(s), developing alternate sources of irrigation, adoption of suitable and advanced irrigation techniques, developing alternate sources of energy (including micro-hydel) and rainwater harvesting systems, collecting, transporting and disposing waste, cleaning of public places, providing proper drainage and Sewage Treatment Plant, making provision for disposal of fecal sludge, making provision of toilets and other related activities, setting up of permanent monitoring units along the dedicated mining corridors, setting up of acoustics and wind barrier by way of extensive plantation along with the dedicated corridors, supplying drinking water, providing health care, providing Education, providing welfare of woman and children, making provision for welfare of aged and disabled people, providing skill development and alternate employment, framing social welfare schemes.


            It is informed that applications may be addressed to the Member Secretary (DMF) contact No.9604732844 office No. 0832-2426431and E-mail ID is dir-mine.goa@nic.in.