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                                                                                                   Panaji. January 24, 2019

                                                                           Magha 4, 1940


Taluka Level programme on Constitution Week Celebrations as per the call given by Governor, Smt Mridula Sinha which is celebrated across the State from January 18 to 25, 2019 on was held at Sanguem and Quepem.

Sanguem Taluka level programme was held at Uguem Panchayat Hall, Uguem. Wherein resource person, Smt Sonali Dhamsekar, Assistant Professor in Political Science, Govind Ramnath Kare College of Law, Margao gave a brief about Constitution of India. This year's theme was "we and the Constitution".

Sarpanch, Uguem Village Panchayat, Shri Sanjay Pawar, Deputy Sarpanch, Smt Divya Naik; Joint Mamlatdar - II, Sanguem, Shri Madhu Narvekar; Panch Member, Shri Marcus Pereira, Shri Arjun Dessai, Shri Uday Naik were present on the occasion.

Sarpanch, Shri Sanjay Pawar said Constitution has the provision for justice to every citizen of the Nation. We should remember Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar while we enjoy the provisions made under the Constitution.

Smt Dhamsekar while addressing said, Constitution is the supreme law of the land and it contains laws concerning Government functions and its relationship with people. Constitution spells out the right and duties of the citizen. It lays down the National goals of country. Provide a set of basic rules that allow for minimal coordination and assurance amongst members of society.

Constitution, she said lays down the basic structure of the Government. It establishes executive, legislature and Judiciary and it demarcates the responsibilities of these organs of the Country. The Constitution lays down democracy, socialism, secularism and national integration the national goals of India.

Constitution gives us five fundamental rights like right to equality, right to freedom, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural and educational right she pointed adding that these rights are safeguarded by right to constitutional remedies. All five fundamental rights are basic for the development of individual, equal for all, not absolute and are justiciable. Besides fundamental rights Constitution has also laid down some fundamental duties which every citizen should perform, she remarked.

Students of Union High School and Miracles High School Sanguem attended the programme.

Quepem Taluka level programme was held at Xeldem Panchayat hall. Mamlatdar, Quepem, Shri Pratap Gaonkar and Shri Pradeep Shirwaikar were present on occasion.