March 5, 2024.

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer has initiated a focused Training and awareness campaign on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail Systems (VVPATs) ahead of Lok Sabha Election, 2024.

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer has conducted Training and awareness campaigns in all the 40 Assembly Constituencies, at District Collector and Office of Mamlatdar and also at various public places and educational institutions across Goa. These sessions provided detailed information about EVMs and VVPATs, and hands-on training including operation, and significance in ensuring free and fair elections.

This proactive effort aims to enhance voter confidence, promote transparency in the electoral process, and encourage active participation in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Demonstrations were organized to give voters a hands-on experience of using EVMs and VVPATs. Trained election officials guided participants through the voting process, explained each step and addressed queries or concerns they have. The demonstration of EVMs and VVPATs was started from 1st January, 2024 and will be continued in all the constituencies till the announcement of the election scheduled for upcoming General Elections to the Lok Sabha, 2024. Around 25044 people visited EVM demonstration Centres in North Goa and in South Goa 12114 visited. Number of people cast mock vote at EVM Demonstration Centre of which in North Goa 24077 and in South Goa 12093 people till 29th February, 2024.

Social media platforms, websites, and digital communication channels, were used to reach out to tech-savvy voters and provide them with engaging content and educational resources on EVMs and VVPATs. This digital outreach ensures that information is easily accessible to a wide range of voters.

Also street plays and skits were performed in public spaces to engage citizens and raise awareness about EVMs and VVPATs in an entertaining and informative manner. These performances help simplify complex concepts and make them more accessible to a wider audience.

The awareness drive on EVMs and VVPATs in Goa is a concerted effort to empower voters with knowledge and confidence in the electoral process. By ensuring that voters understand the voting technology and procedures, the Election Commission aims to promote transparency, integrity, and participation in the democratic process.

DI/NB/INF/AXP/KM/ 2024/2434

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