Preserve art and culture for posterity -Chief Minister

Panaji: December 28,2023

The elevate happy index of the society artistes in various fields play a important role. music art, literature, drama help to entertain and get people rid of their agony. Goa state is on top in regards of its GDP and happy index as well. Stated Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant while speaking at the function organized to confer State Cultural Awards, Yuva Srujan Puraskar, Best Institutionn, Best library Awards. The function was organized by the Directorate of Art & Culture at Kala Academy,Campal Panaji today.
The Chief Minister said that the Government strives to promote and encourage art and to facilitate our youth work to preserve our art and culture in the state and therefore have initiated to confer awards on our youth with Yuva Srujan Puraskar and State Cultural Awards etc. The Government recognizes the contributions of those who are in the field of art and culture who he said are doing a commendable job of preserving our art and culture for posterity. Goa has produced world famous arists like Smt Lata Mangueskar, Pandit Manohar Buva Shirgaokar and many others due to whom Goa is known worldover. He expressed the need for more and more young arists in Goa.
The Chief Minister further said Goa is known across the globe for its rich culture rather than its beaches. We are allowing spiritual and cultural tourism to flourish in the state he added.
Appreciating the endeavour of the Government towards promotion of art and Culture renowned theatre & Cinema actress Smt. Madhura Velankar Satam appreciated the efforts of the Government to preserve art and culture in the state. This endeavour of the Government she said will boost spirit of the people who are working in this field. She is known all over and loved to come Goa as it is the destination for mega events like IFFI, State Drama Festival and various others. The initiative of conferring best institution on library is remarkable. To preserve art and culture encouragenent, support and acknowledgement is a must she opined.

In reply to felicitation and on behalf of recipients of Awardes ShRI Naresh Kadkade spoke in praise of the Government and Chief Minister Dr.Pramod Sawant in particular.

The recipients of State Cultural Awards for the year 2023-24 were Shri. Naresh A. Kadkade (Theatre) Shri. Shaileshchandra P. Raikar (Literature) Shri. Tukaram R. Shet (Literature) Fr. Manuel Gomes (Literature)
Shri. Vithal Gawas (Literature) Shri. Hortencio Sanizinho Eduardo Vaj E Pereins (Tiatr) Shri. Menino Fernandes (Menino De Bandar (Tiatr) Shri. Shivrai T. Fondekar (Indian Classical Music) Shri. Pradeep M. Shilkar (Indian Classical Music) Shri. Shridhar K. Barve (Indian Music) Shri. Dnyaneshwar V. Wadji (Fine Arts) Shri. Ulhas S. Palni (Bhajan) etc. Whereas the recipient of Yuva Srujan Puraskar 2023-24 were Smt. Nivedita Ulhas Chandroji (Drama) Smt. Valency Carmeline D’Souza (Tiatr) Smt. Anwesha Arun Singbal (Literature) Shri. Dashrath Narayan Naik (Music) Shri. Anant shridhar Kamat Bambolkar (Fine Art/Drama) Shri. Sanjay Vasant Kurtikar (Folk-Art) Best institution Award 2023-24 was awarded to Kala Shuklendru, Panaji, Best Library Award 20W3-24 was prezented to Shree Saraswati Vachanalaya, Macal the Bardez -Goa.

Secretary Art & Culture Smt. Swetika Sachan IAS, Director of Art & Culture Shri Sagun Velip, Asst. Director Curator Central Library Shri Sushant Tandel.
Award selection Committee Member Shri Kamlakar Mhalshi and eminent personalities from the fielMinister
and culture attended the function.


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