Panaji, December 20, 2023

 The state of Goa witnessed a momentous occasion on Goa Liberation Day as the Governor Shri. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai graced the ceremonial inauguration of the “Jalkund” and “The Faunal BioDiversity Centre” at Raj Bhavan Premises yesterday.

Secretary to Governor Shri M.R.M. Rao, IAS was present on the occasion.

The Officials and staff assembled near Jalkund behind the New Durbar Hall. The Governor Shri. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai who was accompanied by the First Lady, unveiled the “Jalkund Plaque,” marking the commencement of the ceremony.Thereafter, the Governor departed to the New Aushadhi Vaatika for the inauguration of “The Faunal BioDiversity Centre.”

A significant moment unfolds as “The Faunal BioDiversity Centre” was inaugurated, contributing to the conservation and understanding of Goa’s rich biodiversity.

The attendees had the opportunity to witness a captivating 03- minute video showcasing birds photographed by Goa University students under the guidance of Ornithology Professor Minial Shirodkar at Rajbhavan premises on BirdWatch Trails.

The Governor ascended to the top floor of “The Faunal BioDiversity Centre” to appreciate the panoramic views and explore bird-watching instruments.

The event aims to celebrate and promote environmental conservation through the inauguration of the “Jalkund” and “The Faunal BioDiversity Centre.” It reflects the commitment of the state to preserve and showcase its unique biodiversity.

Others present were Shri Nazareth Vaz, Ex. Engineer, WRD, Shri Rajesh Tarkar, Asstt. Engineer, Shri Shailesh Phaldesai, Jr. Engineer and others.


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