December 20, 2023

Army Boys Sports Company, Madras Engineer Group & Centre, Bangalore will be conducting Selection trials for induction of young boys, who are outstanding sports persons in Boxing, Hockey, Swimming and Sailing.

The selection trials will be held from February 05 to 08, 2024 at Kendriya Vidyalaya MEG & Centre, Sports Ground, Bangalore. Registration will be done on February 05, 2024 from 06.00 a. m. onwards.

Boys in the age group from 08 years and one day to 14 years (born between February 05, 2010 and February 05, 2016), sports certificate if any in above sports disciplines will be ascertained.

Boys in the age group from 14 years and 01 day to 16 years (born between February 05, 2008 to February 04, 2010) who are medalist in National/International competitions recognized by National Federations of Hockey/Swimming/Boxing/Sailing sports will only be considered. Certificate of merit shall of within two years as on date of induction rally.

Interested persons can contact for Swimming – 9567345347, Boxing – 7892766021, Sailing – 7019397105 and Hockey – 7204793183.


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