Press Note: Nehru remembered on his birth anniversary at Goa University

14 November 2023

The participants included (L to R in pic) Prof. Rahul Tripathi, Dr.Shraddha Naik, Mr.Ravaji Gaunkar and Dr.Prakash Desai.

The Political Science Programme of the D.D.Kosambi School of Social Sciences and Behavioural Studies, Goa University, remembered Jawaharlal Nehru on the occasion of his 134th birth anniversary today. Recalling Nehru’s contribution to the making of modern India, speakers acknowledged his contribution to making of institutions in higher education, science and technology that have made India a globally recognized player. His policy of non alignment continues to resonate in India’s pragmatic multialignment today, it was asserted. Nehru was perceived as a leader who engaged with ideas, whether it was ‘Discovery of India’ or his famous “Letters to the Chief Ministers”.Nehru’s shortcomings in terms policy outcomes not achieved should be judged by the times he was in, rather than putting them through a contemporary lense, it was stated.

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