October 25, 2023

Kartika 3, 1945

Traffic cell of Department of Police has issued traffic advisory in view of the inaugural function of 37th National Games Goa, 2023 on October 26, 2023. Traffic flow will be affected on following roads only during the inaugural function from 2.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. NH-566 from INS Hansa towards Birla Cross, New Zuari Bridge towards Birla Cross-Titan, NH-66 from Kesarval Motel towards Seraulim junction (Western by – Pass), Wholesale Fish Market Seraulim towards Old Market Circle, Old Market Circle towards-Dambab Circle, Fatorda four road junction-Arlem junction, Ambaji junction towards Padre Pedru Ferrao road till Fatorda Four Road Junction and towards Old Market, NH-66 Margao City towards Old Market, Murida road from Canara ATM to four road junction, Fatorda, road behind KTC towards Joggers Park, There will be no parking for all kind of vehicles along route from Wholesale fish market towards Ravindra Bhavan-Arlem junction and in open space opposite KTC Bus Stand (in front of Rebello Hospital and Paulo office).

Alternate Routes to Dabolim Airport : North (Panaji side) Agassiam – Old Zuari Bridge-Cortalim Junction – NH-366-St. Jacinto Island-Chicalim Junction- Airport junction –Grade separator-Airport. South )Margao/Ponda side) : Eastern Bypass-Arlem Circle-SH-5 Raia-Borim Tolnaka-Rassaim-Thana Cortalim-Cortalim junction-NH-366-ST. Jacinto Island-Chicalim Junction-Airport junction – Grade separator-Airport.

Alternate Routes from South to North (vice versa) : Vasco to Panaji/North Chicalim Junction –NH-366-St. Jacinto Island-Cortalim-up ramp new Zuari Bridge.

Margao to Panaji / North – Eastern Bypass-Arlem Circle-SH-5 Raia-Borim Tolnaka-Rassaim-Thana Cortalim-Cortalim junction up ramp new Zuari Bridge – Panaji.

City Traffic Circulation – (Vice Versa) : Colva to Margo City: Colva –Madel-Ring Road-Railway gate Comba-Municipal Garden-City, Fatorda To Margao City: Murida- Agali- Borda- Holy Spirit- Old Hospicio- City, Nuvem to Margao City: Nuvem – Goa Rajee, Arlem, Bolshe-Borda-Holy Spirit-Old Hospicio-City.

Route to Stadium for Inaugural Function : North to Fatorda : (Buses) NH-66-Nuvem-District Hospital-Old Market – Ravindra Bhavan (Alighting point) parking at KTC Margao, South to Fatorda: (Buses) Eastern Bypass – Arlem-Nuvem – District Hospital-Old Market – Ravindra Bhavan (Alighting point) parking at KTC Margao.


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