October 18, 2023

Asvina 26, 1945

District Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (North Goa), in view of misinformation shared in public/social media with regard to street dogs, has clarified that research shows that in 95 percent of the cases, it is house pets that bite. Street dogs rarely attack. When they do its usually after provocation. We have to live in harmony with nature and animals. Art 51. Ag. of the Constitution obligates all to care for animals.

Even the Prime Minister of India in his 79th Mann ki Baat has expressed appreciation for Street Animal Feeders commending them for performing an important public service. Abuse of any street animal is a criminal offence. As is intimidating street animal feeders. Feeding of street dogs has to be done within the territory of each pack, wherever they may be. It is only within gated societies that feeding areas can be designated. It has to be mutual between feeders and residents. DSPCA is empowered to arbitrate.

Any attempt to relocate street dogs would violate the PCA Act and orders of SC. Besides removal of a resident pack of dogs would bring in a fresh pack with greater problems for the residents and the dogs. Feeding is not the problem. Lack of mass sterilization is, Feeders help keep packs friendly.

In March 2023 the Central Government introduced a new law which overrides all guidelines and advisories. Under this (ABC Rules 2023) Street Dogs are redesignated as Community Dogs. And everyone in a community (Residents, Societies, Panchayats, Municipalities) is obligated to care for and feed these community dogs.

Anyone violating this law and attempting to restrain a Feeder will face prosecution on many counts, as informed by the Department of Information and Publicity.

DI/NB/AXP/AS/GD/2023/ 1127

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