September 13, 2023

Bhadra 22, 1945

In pursuance to the order of the Hon’ble Supreme court of India in Writ Petition (C) 728/2015 along with WP(C) 891/2016, WP (C) 895/2016, WP (C) 899/2017, WP (C) 213/2017 regarding strict implementation of restraint on use of fire crackers, the District Society for prevention of cruelty to animals (North Goa) has restrained the use of the crackers restricting from 8pm to 10pm on festive occasions like Ganesh, Diwali and other festivals. For Christmas / New Year, it is restricted from 11.55pm to 12.30 am. Fire Crackers using Barium salts are banned as well as those which are stringed together. No banned firecrackers shall be sold, manufactured or used in any area of any state.The S.P. Police of all state areas, and the SHO/Police Officer in charge of any area of all states will be personally liable for disobeying the order of the Supreme Court.

The above is necessitated in view of the approaching festive season of Ganesh Chathurti which we all celebrate and therefore must give due consideration to the old and sick who could easily succumb to the sudden loud noise of firecrackers and to the Pets and Street animals, many of which are terrified by the noise of firecrackers and run in panic, getting irretrievably lost. This is in addition to severe air pollution caused by the Firecrackers.



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