August 18, 2023

Sravana 27, 1945

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) announces a crucial update for Aadhaar cardholders, emphasizing the significance of maintaining an accurate and up-to-date registered mobile number. In a digital age where Aadhaar is a cornerstone for accessing a plethora of government and non-government services, subsidies, pensions, scholarships, and more, ensuring the correctness of your Aadhaar data is of paramount importance.

Your registered mobile number serves as the key to unlocking a world of Aadhaar Online Services. It is essential for enabling seamless access to a wide array of services, including government and non-government offerings, subsidy benefits, pensions, scholarships, social benefits, banking, insurance, taxation, education, employment, and healthcare services. A valid and up-to-date mobile number is vital to ensure a smooth experience when availing these services.

Those who haven’t already registered your mobile number while enrolling for Aadhaar, it is imperative that you visit a Permanent Enrolment Centre to get it registered. Once registered, your mobile number will serve as a link between you and a host of vital services, making your life simpler and more efficient.

Changes in life events such as marriage, relocation, or modifications in personal details necessitate updates to your Aadhaar data. These changes might include alterations to your name, address, mobile number, email address, and more. Ensuring accurate demographic information is crucial to prevent disruptions in service delivery and to maintain the integrity of your Aadhaar profile.

If incase demographic data on your Aadhaar card needs to be updated, one can easily initiate the process through the official UIDAI portal. Whether it’s correcting errors from the enrolment process or making necessary changes due to life events, the UIDAI portal provides a user-friendly interface to facilitate these updates.

UIDAI encourages all residents to verify and update their demographic data whenever necessary to enable uninterrupted access to a wide range of services. By doing so, you contribute to a smoother, more efficient, and secure digital experience for yourself and fellow citizens.


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