Practicing Yoga for a Healthy life By Naguesh Sardessai

The discipline of yoga is an old practice followed in India since times immemorial by sages and sadhus. The importance of the practice of yoga has been there always, but of late due to the fast changing dynamics of life in the 21st century it has acquired great proportions. The practice of yoga helps to keep the human body fit and fine thereby giving the human body and mind peace of mind. The realisation of performing yoga on a daily basis helps to keep concentration and reduce stress levels. It is very relevant for all ages of people as every human being today is facing a number of health issues. To get in perfect shape is thus the need of the hour and yoga comes to the rescue. In the educational system of today yoga finds a place to bring about holistic development in a big way and create well rounded personalities in the challenging global times of the present era. Thus the practice of yoga is pan India in a big way.

The concept of yoga has today been taken to new heights with the efforts of our Prime Minister Shri Narendraji Modi. In an effort to take yoga globally his efforts are laudable and the declaration of 21st June as well International yoga day by the united nations organisation has catapulted the ancient tradition of yoga far and wide. In doing this we have transcended all barriers of race region and geography to bestow yoga its much needed importance across mankind. The emergence of our country as a pivot for various yogic exercises has yielded great dividends. Today the need for more and more yoga instructors in the world has been realised.

Be it in Asia, Africa or even at the United Nations yoga is practised with much fanfare and devotion. The building of the United Nations is decorated by the Indian tricolor on 21st June to pay respect to the country where yoga originated centuries ago. The need to develop this ancient Indian tradition is much more than ever before and in that direction the need for more and more yoga exponents is felt. A good career is on the cards for any youngster out there to make a career as a yoga guru is certainly rewarding and can realise in achieving the concept of Vasudaiv kutumbkamb. In this the year of Presidency of G20 yoga can be a great tool to take India globally and make it a super power with its soft power. The clarion call of India to the world fraternity of one earth one family one future brings about the sum and substance of the concept of universal brotherhood of mankind to realise the goal of sustainable development among the community of nations.

On this the 21st June we all need to dedicate ourselves to the greater cause of pledging ourselves to protecting our planet by effectively using yoga for realisation of maximum good of maximum numbers.

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