Panaji: June 18, 2023

Pursuant to the lately launched National Education Policy 2020 by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, in a bid to embrace and incorporate greater weightage on computational thinking through original, engaging and trailblazing mechanisms among middle school students (std 6,7,8), the Project Management Unit – Directorate of Technical Education ,Government of Goa, with the assistance of the SCERT and the Directorate of Education(DoE),has constructively conducted a training programme on Std VIII Regular Revised ICT Curriculum for Buddy Teachers and Teach for Goa Fellows from 12th June to 17th June 2023 at the Training Hall Rajya Kar Bhavan Commercial Taxes, Altinho yesterday.

The training primarily aimed at 48 middle school regular computer teachers and the 46 Teach for Goa – Fellows to upshift the education system with 21st century skills so as to be fruitful in facilitating students to actionize computational thinking in practice.

This is as per the NEP 2020 Vision document. The buddy teachers will further train their fellow Computer Teachers (Trainee Teachers) across the length and breadth of the state of Goa, which will be done via various Hand Holding sessions which will be held over the period of time.

The training programme spanned for 6 days, where the recipients were educated about the dynamics of fresh and a technologically resilient ICT curriculum comprising of learner-friendly lesson plans which is exclusively engineered to foster an attitude of computational thinking, collaboration, building symbiotic relationships and therefore culminating towards holistic development of a child.

Training included various topics like Sonic-pi, Blender and HTML/CSS. The first two days of training included Sonic-pi which helps to develop music using programming. Basics and video editing through blender were covered over the next two days. The final 2 days were focussed on HTML/CSS, a web development programming language.

The training was delivered by Resource persons from the Project Management Unit. The revamped ICT curriculum is intricately designed, formulated and curated being mindful of the present and future requisites in order to stay relevant with the highly volatile technological landscape.

The training methodology was interactive and it was ensured that knowledge was properly received as intended by the recipients. This was done by involving the participants in various activities and feedback sessions which was done via PRERNA, the learning module developed by PMU, Goa. The teachers were imparted with hands-on in-service training towards the multifaceted domain of computational thinking; which they would then take back to their classroom learning, comprehensive, engaging and fun.

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