June 13, 2023

Jyaistha 23, 1945

The newly erected 11/0.433 630 KVA Distribution Transformer centre installation at M/s. Rajdeep Builders, Sy. No. Sub Div. No. 100/1, “Rajdeep Classic Residency” Borbhat, Taleigao Goa associated HT/LT equipment 11KV 3core 300 sq. mm XLPE cable (2run), new 11KV RMU (1no.) of make Lucy Electric India Pvt. Ltd, 11/0.433 KV 630 KVA transformer Sr. No GP/230401, Make Stanelec Pvt. Ltd. transformer associated LV panel and lines for releasing power supply to M/s. Rajdeep Builders was tested on June 08, 2023 and remains in charged condition.

The public in these areas are advised not to come in any contact with these lines and equipment as it is highly dangerous to life and property, as informed by the Department of Information and Publicity.


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