Goa impresses Indian G20 Sherpa with its culture and hospitality

12th June 2023:

Amitabh Kant, the Indian G20 Sherpa, who is in Goa for the SAI20 summit, complimented the Government of Goa for showcasing the rich and diverse culture and heritage of India. He said that the venue displayed the character of the traditional artisans from all over India and gave a unique flavour of not just Goa, but of the entire country.

India’s Sherpa to G 20 Amitabh Kant has said that India has been steering the agenda for G 20 and has been successful in holding the meetings in Goa.

“Goa is not only a spectacular destination for hospitality, but also a master of curation. The gift they have prepared for the G20 visitors is truly outstanding. It captures the great flavour and all the unique products of Goa, from the artwork of the great artist Mario Miranda to the small little things that make Goa special,” said Amitabh Kant. He said that these gifts would leave a lasting memory on the minds of all the G20 visitors to Goa.

He pointed out that Goa’s natural beauty, its colours, flavours, cuisine and its handloom and handicrafts would make it a world-class destination for tourism. “I am looking forward to more meetings in Goa, which will be a unique opportunity for Goa to promote and market itself to the world,” Kant mentioned.

The SAI20 Summit is a meeting of the Supreme Audit Institutions-20 (SAI20) Engagement Group, which is one of the official engagement groups of the G20. The SAI20 Summit under India’s G20 Presidency began on June 12, 2023 in Goa.

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