Panaji: June 10, 2023

Jackfruit Festival was held at Raj Bhavan, Donapaula today. On the 71st Birthday of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi on September 17, 2021 a Jackfruit garden was started by planting 71 Saplings at Raj Bhavan Goa campus. Now Plants in this garden have started bearing fruits, which is 20 months from the date of planting and ready to be harvested. Therefore Raj Bhavan conducted this Jackfruit Festival at Durbar Hall, Raj Bhavan in presence of Governor of Goa, Shri P S Shreedharan Pillai; Governor of Bihar, Shri Rajendra Arlekar and Governor of Telangana, Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan.

Governor of Goa, Shri P S Sreedharan Pillai said, normally it takes seven to ten years to get the Jackfruit after planting, but Raj Bhavan has planted a Jackfruit tree which gives fruit within one to two years. He informed that from Kerala everyday around 200 full Lorries trucks supply jackfruit in various parts of our Country. Also Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit but it is supplied 365 days in a year, he informed. Jackfruit has a lot of medicinal importance, even for cancer diseases it is used, he said.

Further speaking he said, village peoples and farmers are the assets of the Country and development of the country is possible through them. Goa Raj Bhavan has conducted Goa Sampurna Yatra by which dialysis patients have been provided financial aid. So also the Heritage Yatra was conducted through which 37 heritage trees have been visited. Raj Bhavan is promoting Goa and its traditional aspects. He solicited cooperation of all in these efforts.

Governor of Bihar, Shri Rajendra Arlekar said, by organizing this Jackfruit Festival, Governor Pillai has led by example to make optimum use of Jackfruits which are easily available in Goa and which is wasted. To preserve Jackfruit for a year or more, there is a need for research on it. By preserving Jackfruits, the same natural taste should remain, he stressed. The Central Institute of Scientific Studies is putting every effort into this type of research. Value addition should happen on a large scale regarding Jackfruit, he said. There is a need to add subjects which are related to the local environment like Mango, Jackfruit which should be added to School curriculum. This is how a detailed knowledge about it should be taught to enthuse the interest of the students, he said.

Governor of Telangana, Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan said, there is a need to encourage eating seasonal country foods for the benefit of health. It will also provide the much required impetus for Prime Ministers call of Vocal for Local.

Governors distributed jackfruit saplings to the farmers.

First lady, Smt Rita Pillai was present for the function.

Vice-Chancellor, Goa University, Shri Harilal Menon; Shri George Kulankara also spoke on the occasion. Special Officer, Shri R Mihir Vardhan, IAS (Rtd). gave an introductory speech.

Secretary to Governor, Shri M R M Rao, IAS welcomed while Joint Secretary, Shri Gaurish Shankhwalkar proposed vote of thanks.

Earlier Governor of Bihar, Shri Rajendra Arlekar planted saplings of Jackfruit and Coconut in Raj Bhavan premises and also inaugurated harvesting of Jackfruit at Raj Bhavan Jackfruit garden. The Jackfruit Festival Exhibition is setup by Agriculture Technology Management Agency, North Goa and Directorate of Agriculture was also inaugurated on the occasion.


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