May 11, 2023

Vaisakha 20, 1945

National Technology Day is celebrated on May 11th every year in India to mark the anniversary of the successful test firing of the Shakti-I nuclear missile at the Indian Army’s Pokhran Test Range in Rajasthan on May 11, 1998.The Governor on this occasion paid a tribute to Dattopant Thengadi by highlighting the vision and works of Dattopant Thengadi to the entire work force of this Nation. His Vision of India to become nuclear power, hence today on May11, 2023, Governor of Goa Shri. P.S Sreedharan Pillai, planted a Parizathak Sapling to mark and pay homage to the Vetaran Statesman Parliamentarian Founder Leader of Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh, Jana Sangh Shri Dattopant Thengadiji at Raj Bhavan.

Shri. Virjesh Upadhyay, National Chairman, Dattopant Thengadi, National Board For Workers Education and Development- New Delhi, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. India paid a visit to the Governor Shri P.S Sreedharan Pillai and gifted him the parizathak sapling as a token of remembrance of times and work life of Dattopant Thengadi.

The Third Wave Book written by Dattopant Thengadi marked and emphasized that the coming generation needs a scientific approach for the success of any nation. Further the Governor stated a need to follow the ancient traditional wisdom and the Hindu way of life which is based on natural and scientific aspects has to be carried forward which will benefit the society at large.

Shri K. Prakash,State General Secretary, Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh & Chairman, Regional Advisory Committee , Dattopant Thengadi National Board For Workers Education and Development, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India, Regional Directorate Goa was also present at the occasion. Along with Smt. Aruna Vishnu Wagh, Regional Director, Dattopant Thengadi National Board For Workers Education & Development & Shri Prashant Edavi , Education Officer.

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