April 19, 2023

Chaitra 29, 1945

  On the occasion of World Heritage Day, Department of Archaeology organized Panel discussion on Heritage Policy for Goa at Reis Magos fort yesterday.

Architect Chandan Parab was the moderator of the discussion while the panelist included Dr. Ashish K. Rege Principal, Goa College of Architecture, Dr. Seema Risbud Program Director History, Goa University, Dr. Purnanand Savoiker Professor, Civil Engineering Department, Goa Engineering College, Sawani Shetye Practicing Archaeologist, and Ar. Abhijit Sadhale Practicing Architect.

Welcoming the gathering, Shri Nilesh B Fal Dessai, Director, Department of Archaeology said that we need to conserve our heritage as it is a legacy from our ancestors .We need to preserve and maintain it for the future generation he added.

Each of the panelist share their perspectives describing about heritage.Smt Sawani Shetye depicted heritage as what is handed over to us by our previous generation .She also said negative things should not be passed as heritage to the future generation .Dr Purnanand Savoikar said he being a engineer, feels that in coming days material will also become heritage as we prepare concrete ,we use sand, aggregate stone ,the speed at which we are using this material ,the future generation will not have this material .

Ar.Abhhijet Sadhale said Goa has unique geography, climate and unique history in itself because of multi layer of the history that is one of the big parameters to call Goa as a heritage state.

Dr Seema Risbud said Goa should look beyond sand sea and beaches. We need to shift our focus to heritage houses, villages, goan cuisine.

Dr Rege said participation of people is important aspect to conserve heritage. People from all walks of life should be part of it.

Dr Varad Sabnis, Superintending Assistant Archeologist introduced the speaker, Shri Vibhav Sawant Manager of Reis Magos fort committee proposed the vote of thanks.


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