April 03, 2023

Chaitra 13, 1945

The Directorate of Fire & Emergency Services organized a poster competition for school students across all Goa on Sunday, April 2, 2023. In view of the National Fire Services Day, this is to be held on April 14, 2023. The competition was organized for two different age categories Group I consisted students from the age group of 7-10 years and Group II was from 11-14 years.

The topics for the two different age groups were Fire & Environment and Fire Safety in Industry respectively. Drawing paper was provided while students were expected to carry their own coloring material and school ID cards. The competition was held across 17 different places in Goa with an overall turnout of 2030 students, out of which 1094 belonged to group I and 936 belonged to group II.

The winning students will be felicitated at the hands of Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant on National Fire Services Day 14th April 2023 at the Fire Headquarters Ground at St Inez, Panaji, Goa. Shri. Nitin V. Raiker, Director, Fire & Emergency Services emphasized on the importance of creating awareness of fire safety in schools. “Every school must take necessary precautions in order to prevent anything untoward from happening in the case of an emergency, like a fire. Every floor must have a fire extinguisher, fire alarm and other fire safety equipment necessary that can be used to contain a fire outbreak before it spreads. A competition like this can help create awareness and educate young students across Goa” he added.


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