SECTION 144 IMPOSED V.P Bye-Election

Panaji: March 23, 2023

District Magistrate South Goa has imposed Section 144 in the view of Bye Election to Ward No.VI of Village Panchayat Orlim and Ward No.I of Village Panchayat Rachol of Salcete Taluka, Ward No.II of Village Panchayat Calem of Sanguem Taluka, Ward No.IV of Village Panchayat Balli — Adnem and Ward No.VII of Village Panchayat Barcem — Quedem of Quepem Taluka in South Goa District scheduled to be held on March 25, 2023 and counting of polled votes is fixed on March 27, 2023.

DM has ordered ban on unlawful assembly as per section 141 of 1PC and any procession or rally will be prohibited to prevent any nuisance and law and order problem, No loud speaker will be permitted to be used for the purpose of elections during the period of 48 hours ending with the poll closing time, Vehicles permitted to all Contesting Candidates by the Returning Officers for campaigning will not ply on roads to avoid any distribution of money or gifts or liquor and to prevent any nuisance and law and order problems except vehicles authorised by the Returning Officers on the day of Poll, All private vehicles will be checked in dignified manner as per rules to avoid their misuse for distribution of money or gifts or liquor and for causing any nuisance also to avoid any harassment to private persons.
DM further ordered no liquor shops, hotels, restaurants, clubs and other establishments selling/serving liquor, should be permitted to sell/serve liquor to anyone whosoever, on the aforesaid days; and on timings mentioned therein, Non — proprietary clubs, star hotels, restaurants, etc. and hotels run by anyone even if they are issued different categories of licenses for possession and supply of liquor shall also not be permitted to serve liquor on these days, and on timings mentioned therein.

The restrictions shall not apply to the authorized officers on Election Duty by the State Government, including the polling officials.


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