February 09, 2023

Magha 20, 1944

Governor Shri P. S. Sreedharan Pillai started his second edition of tour after the successful completion of the “Goa Gram Sampurna Yatra ” from Cancona as “Goa Saimik Daiz Yatra ” (Natural Heritage) from today.

On the arrival, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Shri Ramesh Tawadkar and Shri Dinesh Pai, Attorney on behalf of Shree Sansthan Gokarnn Partagal Jeevottam Muth welcomed the Governor.

The Governor offered prayers in the Muth, met the Swamiji and discussed about his ongoing tour. He informed Swamiji that Raj Bhavan has identified 31 sacred trees related to ancient and old heritage trees of Goa, which are spread over different talukas of Goa.

Later, the Governor offered prayers at the giant Banyan tree which is believed to be one of the oldest tree. Governor is keen to learn about the rich eco-cultural traditions behind these sacred and other trees in the State.

Speaking on eco centric systems in India the Governor said this system is available only in India. Citing the importance, the Governor said such systems contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources.

The Governor said, nature is always loved by human beings. He said, nature and human beings are always inter-dependent. Advances in science and technology have helped to explore the environment for the benefit of people, the Governor added.

Briefing on the activities of Raj Bhavan the Governor said, Raj Bhavan has reached to the doorstep of common people by distributing financial assistance to the needy people.

Speaking on Goan heritage and rich culture in Goa, the Governor said, Raj Bhavan will publish a special book based on his Goa Saimik Daiz Yatra”.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Shri Ramesh Tawadkar expressed happiness with the activities that are carried out by Raj Bhavan.

The Governor later, visited Shristhal, Canacona where stands a sacred Shidam (Jarmal tree). This is a huge, tall and age-old tree respected by the local people. Shri Rajendra Kerkar, well known historian briefed him about the tree which he worshipped. He informed the Governor that the original name of the tree is Tetrames Nudiflora which is popular in South Goa by name Jarmal and in North Goa it is called Shiram tree.

These trees reflect the deep spiritual and cultural bonds of the local communities with nature and have been worshiped and protected by the people over the centuries.

The Governor also plans to visit the islands of Goa such as Chorao, Sao Jacinto, Conco, Butterfly Island and Grande Island which are famous tourist attractions in Goa. By visiting these islands, the Governor desires to further popularise these islands worldwide as great tourist destinations through books that he proposes to write bringing out the rich and diverse culture, heritage and traditions of Goa and its people.

Others present were Smt. Sejal Gaonkar, Sarpanch, Sristhal Panchayat, Shri Vithoba Desai, President of Shree Mallikarjun Devasthan, Shri Kamlakar Mhalshi; former Secretary to Governor, Shri R. Mihir Vardhan and others.


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