November 25, 2022

Agrahayana 04, 1944

District Magistrate, North Goa, has prohibited the transportation and entry of livestock such as Cattle and Buffalo from other States of India into North Goa District either directly or indirectly exept Quraishi’s Meat Traders Association of Goa, Karaswada, Mapusa to transport buffaloes to Goa Meat Complex Ltd., Usgao-Goa for slaughter purpose from neighboring States on the condition such as: relaxation would be restricted for transportation of healthy buffaloes only; The animals shall be directly unloaded at the Goa Meat Complex Ltd., Usgao for slaughter; The rejected animals if any shall be directly lifted and transported back to the original place from where procured, following the necessary formalities laid down as per PCA Act (Transportation Rules); The animals being transported should not be affected with LSD; The animals should not be sourced from the tracts and herds affected with LSD and every consignment shall essentially carry the certificate in original from Government Competent Authority at the place of procurement, stating that the animals are not affected with LSD nor have they been sourced from the tracts and herds affected with LSD.

This order shall stand effective upto January 20, 2023.


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