November 11, 2022

Kartika 20, 1944

District Magistrate, North — Goa District has ordered the following temporary arrangements for closure of road/diversion of vehicular traffic during “IRONMAN“ 70.3 International Triathlon Event Goa (Swimming, Cycling and Running )in Panaji on November13,2022 from 05.00 am onwards till 4 pm.

In order to facilitate smooth conduct of the event, the following road closures/diversions have been done: The Ribandar causeway from Ribandar Patto to Divja Circle shall be closed from vehicular traffic from 03.00 hrs. on November 13, 2022 till the end of the race. Riverside lane of the D.B Marg from Divja Circle to Miramar Circle shall be closed for general vehicular traffic from 03.00 hrs to till the end of the race. Miramar Beachside lane (RHS) of the Dr. Jack Sequeira road from Miramar circle to NIO Circle shall be closed for vehicular traffic from 03.00.hrs to till the end of the race. The road from NIO Circle to Raj Bhavan main gate shall be closed for vehicular traffic from 03.00 hrs to till the end of the race.

Car lanes shall be made available for the benefit of the residents along D.B. Marg from the gate of Miramar residency up to Hotel Marriot Lane. The vehicles shall be allowed to move into the Hotel Marriot Lane and come out at the Starbucks cafe junction campal and proceed to their destinations via the internal roads from Starbucks cafe junction/La Campala Colony road. A car lane shall be provided from Karimabad housing society to Kala Academy Junction for the benefit of local residents.

Car lanes shall also be provided on Jack Sequeira road from Peace Heaven School junction upto Aivao Junction for the benefits of the residents along the Jack Sequeira road.

The Vehicular traffic from Old Goa Ribandar side proceeding towards Panaji shall be diverted at Ribandar Patto towards Chimbel Junction to proceed to Panaji via Merces Junction. Likewise the vehicular traffic from Panaji city desiring to proceed towards Ribandar shall be diverted at Divja Circle to proceed via KTC Circle — Merces junction to come up to Chimbel junction and proceed to Ribandar via internal road.

The incoming vehicular traffic to Panaji City shall be diverted on D B Marg at Panaji Ferry Wharf Junction to proceed to their destination via MG road. The vehicles proceeding from the Caranzalem side shall be diverted at Adarash Circle- St. Minguel School Madhuban Complex Junction via St. Inez Junction — 18th June road to exit Panaji city via Cortin — Old Patto bridge.

The vehicles proceeding towards Bambolim —Agassaim side shall use the service road along the NH 66 via GOMECO colony towards old Sridao road upto Goa Velha Junction take left towards Old Pilar road and proceed towards Agassaim Y junction four onward journey.

The vehicles proceeding from Old Goa Merces Bypass (NH 748) shall come upto Merces circle and take compulsory left towards service road along NH 66 and whoever intends to enter Panaji city or towards Porvorim side will take U turn at old Niyaaz underpass and take right towards the service road and proceed to , their respective destination.

The LHS road of NH 66 from Merces circle to the starting point of the new Zuari bridge flyover at Agassaim shall be exclusively used for the event/race. Similarly the RHS road from Divja circle to Merces circle shall be closed and used exclusively for the event/race.

In case of emergency, vehicles such as Ambulance, Fire brigades etc, they shall be allowed to move unobstructed. The route buses shall be diverted as per above plan. The event route and the diversion route shall have no parking and no stopping zone for all types of vehicles.

The entire route of the race shall be closed from 03.00hrs to till the race end on November 13, 2022.


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