November 09, 2022

Kartika 18, 1944

The state festival “Tripurari Poornima ” was celebrated on November 07, 2022 on the bank of river Valvonti, premises of Shree Vitthal temple, at Vithalapur, Sankhali, Goa. The festival was organized by the Directorate of Art and Culture in association with the Department of Tourism, Goa. Tourism Development Corporation and Department of Information and Publicity, Deepawali Utsav Samithi and Shree Vitthal Temple Samithi, Vithalpur Sankhali Goa.

Results of Boat Competition on the occasion of Tripurari Poornima held on November 07, 2022 are as follows: First prize was awarded to Talkhambeshwar, Poriem (Boat No. 26), comprising Rolling Trophy, Rs. 35,000/- and Certificate; Second prize was awarded to Kalyugi Boys, Vithalpur (Boat No. 01), comprising Rolling Trophy, Rs. 30,000/- and Certificate; Third prize was awarded to Bhumi Boys, Poriem (Boat No. 30), comprising Rolling Trophy, Rs. 25,000/- and Certificate; Fourth prize was awarded to N. C. Group, Vithalpur (Boat No. 24), comprising Rs. 20,000/- and Certificate; Fifth prize was awarded to Overlocked, Poriem (Boat No. 20), comprising Rs. 15,000/- and Certificate.

In the Consolation category, Sarang, Honda Sattari (Boat No. 14) bags the first place, Bhootnath Boys, Amona (Boat No. 05) won second place, Six Brothers, Poriem (Boat No. 11) for the third place, Tripurantak, Vithalapur (Boat No. 25) was awarded fourth place and Unique Boys, (Boar No. 27) got the fifth place.

An Honorarium (Rs. 5000/- each) as per judges’ recommendations went to Avatare X, Porriem (Boat No. 32), Shivaji Gadekar, Pedne (Boat No. 21), Shreyash GadekarPorriem (Boat No. 22), Shivneri (Dhiraj Salgaokar (Boat No. 23), Jai Bhawani, Poriem (Boat No. 19), Rajwada Boys, Rajwada, Vithalapur (Boat No. 17), Jalayaan, Vithalapur (Boat No. 16), Third Eyes, Amona (Boat No. 12), Shampurush Boys, Bicholim (Boat No. 10), Dead Devil, Vithalapur (Boat No. 31).

Participants of Boats Nos. 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 28 and 29 will be given Rs. 4000/- towards their participation. The state level Boat competition was judged by Shri. Sagar Gaude, Shri. Gopal Kudaskar and Shri. Rajesh Chodankar the Asst. Professors from Goa College of Fine Art, Panaji, Goa. The prizes will be distributed in separate functions and the date and venue of the prize distribution ceremony of the competition will be informed later.


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