October 25, 2022

Kartika 03, 1944

The Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration has informed that, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has launched the Save Food, Share Food, Share Joy initiative, in coordination with the various Food Sharing networks in the country. This Initiative aims at reducing the Food Wastage and to ensure excess food is collected in a methodical manner and same is provided to the Hungry and the needy.

This initiative will promote a culture of reducing food wastage by taking judicious decisions while preparing and consuming food and also aims at collaborating with food sharing agencies to collect excess food from homes, banquets, hotels, public as well as private institutes, events etc.

In order to enhance the implementation of this initiative; FDA, has appealed to all citizens to ensure minimum wastage of food while cooking and also while consuming, by doing so will also protect our environment by reducing the Carbon Footprints.

FDA has further appealed to citizens, Private Offices, Banquet halls, caterers, corporate to come forwards and engage with the FSSAI registered Food Collection agencies by giving away their excess food generated through their daily banquets, functions or from private companies who provide meals to their employees.


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