September 04, 2022

Chief Minister, Dr. Pramod Sawant has extended greetings on the occasion of the Teachers Day to the teaching Community, for their pivotal role they play in the life of every student.

CM in his message said “It is an auspicious day, and a day for us to pay tributes to and celebrate the sacrifices and commitment
of our teachers. A teacher’s influence is forever imprinted in every student and it manifests itself throughout their lives. Indeed, we should be ever grateful to our teachers for providing academic and emotional guidance”.

CM further said, “The Education sector has been hit hard by Covid-19 pandemic for almost two years and it is still struggling to recover. This year, the physical classes have begun as usual. However, I am very encouraged to see teachers adopt the new norms of imparting online education so that the academic life of the student does not suffer. It is quite a challenging task and although it cannot provide the same environment as physical classes, yet I am happy to see that teachers and students alike have resolutely and innovatively embraced it”.

“On this special day, I also congratulate all the recipients of Teachers’ Awards across the State. May you be an inspiration to peer group for our society and continue your noble deeds in moulding successful and responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Finally, I wish all teachers for huge success in their respective endeavors and pray that the Almighty God bless you with wisdom and the best of health”, CM concluded.


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