Panaji: August 30, 2022

Chief Minister, the Government of Goa has launched Swyampurna Goa 2.0 Program in a mission mode. The mission is to lay maximum emphasis on ensuring that the benefit of each and every beneficiary oriented scheme reaches to the eligible person at his or her door step.

This program has gained popularity in other States as well. Senior Officers of Government of Gujarat Shri. D. D. Jadeja, I.A.S, Additional Development Commissioner and Shri. N. R. Patel, Assistant Development Commissioner, Government of Gujarat visited the State to understand the Swayampurna Goa program today.

Director, Directorate of Planning, Statistics and Evaluation, Porvorim welcomed the Officers from Government of Gujarat and explained the concept of Swayampunra Goa program, how it was initiated, implemented, executed, and overall outcome of the program.

Officers from Government of Gujarat visited the Office of Secretary, Panchayat. Shri Menino D’Souza, I.A.S. Swayampurna Mitras, namely, Shri. Subraj Kanekar and Smt. Nancy Fernandes interacted with Officers from Gujarat. These Swayampurna Mitras briefed about their field experience, issues and challenges faced at various stages of Swayampurna Goa Program at their Panchayat.

Further, Officers from Gujarat visited Village Panchayat Salvador do Mundo. Dy. Sarpanch, Shri. Dattaram Redkar welcomed these Officers. Dy. Sarpanch explained to them how Panchayat actively participated in the Swayampurna Goa program and how it has benefited the public of Village Panchayat.

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