27, 2022
Sravana 05, 1944

District Magistrate South, has prohibited serving or selling of liquor in liquor bars, pubs, shops, clubs, shacks, or any establishment beyond 10.00 pm., with immediate effect till the election Model Code of Conduct is in force. Such establishments can remain open and continue to operate without the sale and service of liquor beyond 10.00 pm. However this order will not apply to those establishments, provision stores etc., which are required by law to be closed before 10.00 pm. This order will be applicable in all the Village Panchayat areas excluding all Municipal areas in South Goa District. Any violations of the above directions may be reported to the office of the District Election Officer, South Goa, Margao.
If any liquor shop/bar, pub or any establishment is found serving liquor beyond the aforesaid timings, during the said period, it will result in cancellation of licenses and the owner or offender will be liable for penal action and other relevant provisions of laws in force.


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